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F.lux: woman suffering computer glare

As much as any writer may love to write by hand in beautifully-designed notebooks, the reality is for day to day work you end up writing on a computer. Not to mention researching, emailing, social networking and looking at inevitable cat videos. And eventually that just plain hurts your eyes.

One of my absolute must-have tools is F.lux.

It's a little application that runs quietly in the background, gradually adjusting the brightness of your screen in line with sunrise and sunset.


You can enter what type of lighting you have in your room so that you get the best possible match and can go for a gradual dimming over the course of an hour, or have the brightness switch rapidly over five minutes.

Daily little helper

I have terrible eyesight and wear glasses virtually all of the time and F.lux has been a lifesaver (well, an eyesight saver). It's not just for light-night deadlines, but in winter, when it's dark most of the time, reducing eyestrain is of daily importance.

F.lux is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and iPad and iPhone.

A note of caution though: if you are editing photos or working on graphic design, remember to switch it off so you get an accurate display of colour.