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5 essential, free marketing tools for startups

The last thing you need as a bootstrapping startup is a large outlay on marketing tools and tech.

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Time management: Why timesheets are evil (and how to replace them)

‘History is a lie commonly agreed on,’ said that famous productivity expert Voltaire. Timesheets are the same.

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Five free apps that will improve your vocabulary

It’s frustrating when we come across words we’re not familiar with. Luckily, we all carry around smartphones that can give us the definition, history ...

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5 informative newsletters worth your time in 2016

I know what you’re thinking: does anyone read newsletters anymore?

Miscellaneous Tools Writing tools Writing

5 fun things for writers to geek out over

Writers draw the short straw when it comes to ‘tools of the trade’ or ‘perks of the job.’

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7 quirky tips to optimise your home office

You’re a remote worker. You’ve got the must-haves covered. You’re leaning back into that comfortable chair, headset ready for any calls and your desk ...

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Tools for writing: Todoist review - the best to-do list app EVER

Reviews Technology Tools Writing tools Writing

Tools for writing: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 first impressions

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is an important device for its maker: a showcase for Windows 8.1, a role model for other OEMs (original equipment manufactur...


Tools for writers: Taco for to-do lists

I’m really learning to love Taco. Really love it. It's one of those brilliant tools for writers.