Two screwdrivers - examples of bad copywriting

Two examples of bad copywriting

Posted by Matthew Stibbe
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on 12 March 2007
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HookJab has a great illustration of the benefits of editing. As I was telling a client yesterday, sometimes the art of copywriting is not what you writ,e but what you leave out.

Good and bad content

And good content has a painful insight into the way that education has been corrupted by lazy writing. Here's one example:

'The headteacher and the senior leaders share a clear vision and passion for providing the best education for the students.'

I was a school governor for five years - my wife still is - and we constantly came across the same problem. Here is one example of something I had to sign when I was a governor:

'The Governing Body are agreeing this budget as the financial mechanism to support the education priorities of the school as identified in the School Development Plan and will adhere to the best value principles in spending its school funding allocation.'

In English this means 'The Governors approve this plan.' Unbelievable.

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