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To do your job, you have to write: emails, press releases, brochures, website copy, reports and proposals. So better business writing is good for you, your career and your company.

30 Days to Better Business Writing pulls together all the tips, insights and rules that the author, Matthew Stibbe, has learned and honed over the last 15 years while working as a freelance journalist and Writer-in-chief at Articulate Marketing.

He has written for some of the world’s best magazines including Wired and Popular Science and for top companies including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Symantec, LinkedIn, eBay and HSBC.

30 powerful business writing insights

Content includes:

  • How to interview someone
  • The best structure for your work
  • Avoiding corporate claptrap and writing like a human being
  • How to write better emails
  • Insider tips to avoid writer’s block and increase focus

Bad writing costs money, better writing earns it

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