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Cue background: Elevating set location database management with HubSpot CRM Pro

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About the client

Blockbuster films, cult TV shows, viral music videos… do you ever wonder where producers find locations to film? From derelict warehouses to the palatial sets of The Crown?

This client curates an extensive collection of locations for filming in the UK. They are kept busy helping location scouts secure the perfect sets to tell their stories. What they don't need to be bogged down with: admin.

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The challenge: Sprawling Excel spreadsheets

This client came to Articulate Marketing on referral from HubSpot. Their database had expanded considerably over the years, but managing said listings had become a logistical slog.

Poor performance

This client has a database of thousands of locations and associated contacts. One contact might manage several locations or one location might be associated with several contacts or categories. They had to manage marketing and sales pipelines for people looking for locations and those wanting to add locations to the database. To organise all this information, the company had a complex system spanning more than 30 Excel spreadsheets (and a colour-coding rainbow).

The existing system was having an impact on productivity and was frustrating to use. After 15 years of VLOOKUP and version panic, this company was overdue an upgrade.

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Enter Articulate, stage left

Articulate Marketing is an award-winning marketing agency. We sell websites, content and strategic brand services to B2B technology companies.

As an accredited HubSpot onboarding partner, our experts were able to scope the requirements and come up with a plan in short order. This client had been on the hunt for the perfect CRM for months, speaking with dozens of providers, but had yet to find the right fit — until us.

To solve the company’s legacy database woes, we got them up and running on HubSpot CRM, as well as the Pro Marketing and Sales Hubs. The project began in September 2023 and wrapped up in January 2024.

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The solution: A custom HubSpot CRM setup

‘From the start, the experience was so down to Earth — so refreshing. The team actually listened. And, explained a few of the misconceptions with HubSpot CRM and what it can do. For example, how it collates information and stores it in a way that's easily accessible and that updates in real time. Finally, this sounded like exactly what we needed.’

— Head of Operations

1. Detangling the data

Over the years, the company’s data went through various format iterations and the responsibility for managing that data was handed from person to person. In short, it was disorganised. We had to do a huge data clean-up. On top of that, we needed to agree the properties required to capture key information, so the system would work as intended in HubSpot.

What we didn’t want to do was run extensive parallel systems or, frankly, to ever return to Excel. This meant that our in-house HubSpot Consultant, Amber, and the client-side team had to carefully clean and configure the data before importing it.

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2. Import and configuration in HubSpot CRM

The next step was setting up custom properties. These would capture the interrelations between location data and contacts/companies. And, ensure accurate backend fields and communication records for the listings on their website.

Another aspect of their configuration was translating in-flight deals and acquisitions pipelines over to the HubSpot Sales Hub systems. We did this shortly after the initial migration in order to cause minimal disruption to their sales operations.

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3. Setting the team up to succeed

None of the team had used Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software before. So, as we set up the process, we also ran several recorded training sessions. And, provided as-needed insights and tailored support to help them hit the ground running. Many team members, especially in the sales department, saw an immediate improvement in their day-to-day productivity.

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Results and impact: A system that works

This client got what they wanted: a clean, accessible, fully up-to-date database. With over 12 thousand contacts and five thousand companies, this wasn’t an easy task to pull off, but the reviews are in and it’s been worth all that hard work.



Now, they can segment lists based on job titles and location interests.


Easy communication

They can track communications and get emails out of siloed inboxes and into a central system.


Clean data

They have contact record visibility and location record clarity.

Data clarity, empowered teams

The Head of Operations had this to say about our in-house HubSpot Consultant:

‘Amber was a hero in helping us set up from scratch with very little knowledge of CRM software. Very thorough, very concise and very supportive. Nothing was ever too much trouble. Sometimes, I actually thought she worked for us at points. She turned what we did into a working solution for HubSpot.’


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New contacts added in just one month


Increase in the number of marketing emails


VIP clients receiving personalised emails


Increase in social media following

Will there be a sequel?

Well… ‘I firmly believe we got real value for money’, reports the Head of Operations, ‘We spoke to various partners prior to meeting Articulate and there was no comparison. I am convinced this solution will grow our business, and would love to work with Articulate in the future.’

For now, we’ve parted as friends, but remain in touch. This client is in charge of their new HubSpot home. They couldn’t be more delighted as they explore its capabilities. While the bulk of the project was data migration, the powerful tools available through Sales and Marketing Pro Hubs offer an inspiring vision of the future.

To be continued…

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