Why accessibility is crucial for websites (and how to do it right)

Why accessibility is crucial for websites (and how to do it right) - diverse group of people waving

Websites should be as inclusive as the companies they represent.
Around a quarter of all working age adults are disabled, according to Scope data.
In this webinar, we offer several ways any business can make their website more accessible for everyone, including those people who have impaired sight or are neurodiverse (dyslexic, ADHD, autistic, and so on). These considerations are important and impact many individuals.
Plus, we reveal our new accessibility and speed reading mode, helping to improve readability on our blog.
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About the webinar


Accessibility as a baseline of good design

In actual fact, accessibility is not something that should be an afterthought when it comes to websites, but a fundamental part of good design and user experience. Find out what you can do to design your website with accessibility in mind.


Features and technologies that improve site accessibility 

In order to make your site even more accessible, on top of good design, you can also deploy certain features or add-ons. For example, modes that mute your site's colours or enlarge text, and more.


Further resources

While we are experts in website design, we're always trying to learn from the experts in accessibility: people who live with disabilities and differences. As such, we'll share some resources from those voices. Plus, we'll talk about the steps we're taking as a business to make more accessible sites, both for ourselves and for our clients.

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