How to optimise your sales with product literature

product literature webinar

Let's talk marketing and sales alignment.
Specifically, in this webinar hosted by Matthew Stibbe, we'll discuss how the marketing team can support sales with product literature such as brochures, webpages and case studies.
Find out how to position and market products and services while avoiding common pitfalls such as hype and technical jargon. 
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About the webinar


How to create impressive product literature

Find out about the types of product literature, such as product pages, and what place they have in the buyer's journey. And, discover how to write to impress and persuade, without hype.


How the sales team can use product literature

Once your marketers have created sales assets, it's time for the sales team to use them. Learn when is the best time to send information throughout the sales process and how to present it.


Examples of great product literature

In this webinar, we'll share examples of product literature that we've created for clients and for ourselves. See exactly what you're missing, and nab some fab ideas in the process!

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