How (and why) we place mental health and connection front and centre as a business


This Mental Health Awareness week, we want to raise awareness among clients and our professional community of what it means to put wellbeing front and centre in a small business.
Articulate CEO, Matthew Stibbe, is joined by our Chief Happiness Officer, Liz Fielder, as they talk about both the business- and people-focused practicalities of addressing mental health in a small business.
This webinar has already taken place. The good news is, we recorded it. Access the recording and slides by filling in our form.

About the webinar


Why mental health is a business priority

Matthew Stibbe, CEO, will talk about why employee wellbeing should be a priority for every business, the benefits you and your team can see, and how to carve out resources to support mental health.


Building a positive working environment

We'll run through how we think about and approach mental health at Articulate. We're by no means perfect, but this is something we care about and are keen to share with others in the hope you find it valuable.


Tackling loneliness while working remotely

Liz Fielder, Chief Happiness Officer, will discuss practical steps to support a full or hybrid remote working environment, as it relates to mental health and preventing loneliness.

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