How to go from no marketing to a marketing MVP in 90 days


This webinar will take you through the classic zero to hero story. We've seen it before - clients who are doing next to no marketing and who need a plan of action to get them moving in the right direction. We can help you achieve effective minimum viable marketing in just one quarter with these crucial tips.
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About the webinar


How to turn your best ideas into actions

We're in the fight against 'random acts of marketing'. Often, if you've got little to no marketing activity happening, it's because you don't have a proper strategy in place, with prioritised ideas and the right foundations, tools and processes to make those ideas come to life.


Creating a timeline and tracking progress

If you've not done it before, it can be difficult to gauge how long certain activities take, and when you can expect to see the results. We give you an idea of what your marketing roadmap should look like, based on our extensive experience in the biz.


Metrics worth measuring, results worth celebrating

Rome wasn't built in a day. But a lot of good, solid marketing work can be achieved in a quarter. This is the foundation for future activity. So, while you might not see dramatic results right away, we'll explain the indicators that show you're going in the right direction.

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