12 top tips from analysing B2B tech homepages (as a web designer)


Expert web designer, Ben Holness, has analysed a lot of B2B tech websites. And now he wants to share the 12 top tips he's discovered for optimising your homepage.
This webinar covers everything from how to balance imagery and text layout to how to optimise your homepage for conversions. Could your website be on his list of examples? Sign up to find out!
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About the webinar


Compare websites with peers and competitors

Take this opportunity to check out the competition. Some of our homepage examples show room for improvement and some are truly aspirational examples of what your website could be. See where you sit.


Learn how to lay out an inviting homepage

Your homepage is the heart of your website. Our expert designer will provide top tips for homepage layout, based on real-life examples. That way, you can make data-driven choices to optimise your homepage.


Get great ideas to boost your business brand

We have a phrase at Articulate: Your brand should be website first, not logo first. Your website brings your brand to life. And with this webinar, you'll learn how to turn this powerful tool for your business into a reality (or ask Ben to do it for you).

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