How to write a winning award submission

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Join Articulate's Marketing Manager, Maddy Leslie, for a webinar all about how to craft an award submission that will win you prizes, fame and fortune.
She has written several award-winning case studies using this framework, so it's a tried and true way to win that award for your latest marketing campaign, website launch or project.
This webinar has already taken place! Oh no! The good news is, we recorded it, and you can access the slides and everything. Just fill in the form to get this content.

About the webinar


How the award submission process works

If you're considering applying for the Drum Awards, ANA Awards or any other marketing award body, then this webinar will give you the insight for how that process works from start to finish.


5 steps for writing a winning award submission

Once you know how it works, Marketing Manager Maddy will outline her best practices for writing an award submission that will actually impress the judges and (hopefully!) win.


Find out how award-winning marketing is done

As a two-time winner of the HubSpot Impact Awards, we know a thing or two about award-winning marketing. Find out how to promote your win to the masses, after the fact.

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