A marketer’s take on ChatGPT and the applications of AI marketing

ai marketing

ChatGPT - a bit of fun, a useful tool, a 'stochastic parrot', or a sign of what's to come?
How will content produced by assistive technology and 'artisanal copywriting' co-exist?
 We have our take. Get the expert marketer's perspective on the applications of AI for marketing and business leaders. 
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About the webinar


An analysis of ChatGPT

Given the rising star that is natural language processing AI tool ChatGPT, we take a deep-dive into how useful it is for marketers, or if it's even worth embedding it into your workflow at all.

ai marketing

How marketers can use AI

Get practical tips you can try, today. We've given several of these tools a proper trial at Articulate, and we have some thoughts. Learn how you might start using AI in your marketing.


What does the future of marketing look like?

We consider this wave of AI tech in the context of previous innovations, and offer you insights for how this may play out in the coming months and years.

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