Articulate Marketing - 12 quick SEO wins in 30 minutes webinar

12 quick SEO wins in 30 minutes

A high-speed, high-value run-through of the most valuable ways to get more organic website traffic based on Articulate Marketing's SEO best practices.

This webinar took place in February 2021, but the good news is we recorded it. Fill in the form to get access to the on-demand webinar. It was one of our most well-attended events, so hopefully useful, relevant and interesting!


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Person looking through a magnifying glass
Less is more

It's time to tidy up 

We'll take a look at small, quick steps you can take to clean up your content and make it both people and search engine friendly. Bin that duplicate content, add some descriptive alt text and enhance your content readability, today.

person on laptop fixing broken links and redirects
Broken or irrelevant 

Repair any damaged links

Learn our tips and tricks to find and repair broken URLs, tools that can help and when you just need to find something better to link to. These quick fixes will boost your SEO and give your users a seamless experience - win, win!

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