Three people proofreading a piece of writing

Proofreading tips from professional copywriters

The art of proofreading is not to be taken lightly. At Articulate Marketing, we dedicate more time to researching and editing than actually writing! So, here are expert tips from professionally picky copywriters on how to proofread your copy to perfection. Say that fast three times...

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What is proofreading?

Making good copy, great!

You might have the best copywriters in the world but at the end of the day we're only human and humans make mistakes, fact. Proofreading allows a fresh set of eyes to make edits and final adjustments before any content is finalised. 

Two people standing next to an enormous book of proofreading tips
Repeat the process

Once, twice, three times a reader

It's not enough to glance over something and check for errors quickly. To make the most of your proofreading you need to spend a little quality time with the piece. We've got lots more tips where that came from...

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