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How to optimise your blog back catalogue for SEO

Articulate Marketing has developed our 'merge, purge and polish' process to help our clients maximise organic traffic from their existing content. For the first time, we're going to explain the process in detail so you can apply it to your blog.

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Decide what to keep...

Optimise your best content

In this webinar, we discuss how we decide which content it worth keeping, and which content isn't. And - if there is any content that is competing for the same keywords. That way, we can prioritise improving our very best work.


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... And what to throw away

'Kill your darlings'

Our writers aren't afraid to cut the content that isn't working. Even if we think the copy is some of our best work! The content is there to do a job. So how do you identify what to cut? And is it worth it?

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