How to write killer copy for your website - two figures reading beside large binders

How to write killer copy for your website

Website copywriting has its own unique requirements. This webinar looks at the technical challenges of writing for modern websites, how people read online, how to write for SEO and how to write credible, engaging, user-friendly copy.

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killer website copy - skim reading man
How people read online

People skim read!

Face it. You're probably skim-reading right now. Many businesses fall into the trap of filling their website full of long paragraphs of copy.

No-one reads it. Trust us.

SEO friendly web copy - two people and a search bar
How to write for SEO

SEO is a top priority for web copy

Don't relegate search engine optimisation to your blog. Your web copy needs to be SEO-friendly and full of brand keywords and messages that people are searching for.

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