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How to increase organic SEO website traffic

Find out how to get more traffic from Google with search engine optimisation strategies that work. We'll share the techniques we use to find out what people are searching for and optimise your website and content to make it more findable. But don't worry this is not a deep technical presentation - we'll share tips that anyone can use to get more traffic.


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Creating great content 

Write for the reader, not the robots 

Google is getting smarter every day. The best place to start when creating content is with the reader. Once you've written in a way that appeals to the human eye, and that offers useful information, then - secondary to that - make sure your content is search engine optimised.

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SEO for dummies

Hit the basics and start getting traffic

This webinar will cover how to make your content SEO friendly right from the get-go. It's an ever-changing world that can seem quite intimidating - the good news is, we can help!

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Re-optimise old content

SEO is an ongoing process

Your existing site and content may well be ranking on page 2 of Google. Here's how to nudge it up the list, and how to build optimisation into your ongoing processes with link building, site health and best practices.