3 people floating in front of screens and organising items - Hubspot subscription lists and building a GDPR-compliant database

HubSpot subscription lists and building a GDPR-compliant database

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Master the Hubspot CRM - 3 people
HubSpot CRM

Get top tips to master your HubSpot CRM portal

Marketing is all about getting leads, but what do you do with them once you've got them? The foundation for building great lead nurturing is having an organised contact database, with clear channels for various types of subscription, from newsletters to blog RSS feeds.

Hubspot funnel modelling
HubSpot subscriptions

How to set up types of subscriptions, logic and lists

To make sure you are sending the right emails to the right people, HubSpot has all sorts of clever ways to segment your contact database. The key here is - don't annoy your contacts! We tell you exactly how to make the most of these mechanisms.

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Be on the side of the angels

GDPR-compliance is a hotly debated topic. What buttons need to be on a cookie pop-up? What legal text should accompany a form? We help you find ways to be on the side of the angels and set up a working GDPR-compliant contact list.

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