How to work with copywriters

Back in 2003, our CEO wrote the first article on the new Articulate Marketing website: 'how to work with copywriters'. 18 years later, in this webinar, he revisits the question, looks at what has changed in two decades and explains how you can get the best work possible from professional copywriters.

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writing for the internet
What is copywriting?

Copywriting = writing for the internet

Well. Not always. But at Articulate Marketing this is very much what we do. From blogs to websites to emails to social media, we talk about how to to write for the internet. The world's most fickle audience.

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Our best work

Please feed and water your copywriter

Copywriters are a dime a dozen. Good copywriters are gold dust. And when there's reams of drab content out there, you need a writer with a bit of fizz and ginger to cut through the dross. And then you need to enable them to give you their very best output.

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