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How we use ClickUp and Notion

'First we make the tools, then the tools make us'. If this is true, then everybody at Articulate Marketing consists, on a molecular level, of two essential project management tools: ClickUp and Notion. Find out how we use them to make the business more efficient.

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Project management tools

Choose wisely 

Project management tools are aplenty and choosing the right one/s for your team can be daunting. Learn from our in-depth research and use of ClickUp and Notion to figure out if they will fit your business needs. 

Clickup and Notion - Artie on a mobile

How we work 

We switched to these tools in the middle of 2020 and so far it's going well! Learn how we use ClickUp and Notion to organise, communicate, do the work and deliver to our clients on-time. 

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