why Articulate marketing became a B Corp and what we learned along the way - illustration of a diverse group of people who are all smiling

Why Articulate Marketing became a B Corp and what we learned along the way

A B Corp is a business that is a force for good. The B Corp certification covers five key impact areas for your business: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. It's an incredibly rigorous process to get certified. And we've even won two Honouree awards, too! In this webinar, Articulate Marketing CEO Matthew Stibbe talks about our experience, why we did it and what we discovered.

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How we became B Corp

Our colleagues and our clients appreciate working within a happy, well-supported team. Three years ago we certified as a B Corp for the first time. We're recertifying this year - and hoping to get an even higher score. Find out what motivated us to begin this journey in the first place. 

B Corp webinar -  image shows a diverse group of 5 people smiling and waving
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Good for you! Honestly, it's one of the best paths to self-reflection and improvement as a business. Gone are the days of measuring good work by profit alone - we have to do better than that. Consider your employees, your community, your environmental impact - it all matters. We give you insight (and inspiration!) around what we've done to be a force for good.

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