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The Difference Engine:
An Articulate Marketing Guide

Friends, Romans, Marketers. If you’re feeling lost and you want to get your marketing on the right heading, then a bit of expert guidance is just the ticket. Differentiate your business and accelerate your marketing with this strategic step-by-step guide, written by the Articulate Marketing team.



Who should read
this book?

We believe every successful business has a Difference Engine.

Our guide to differentiation and marketing best practices is aimed at Marketing and Business leaders who want their organisations to stand out from the crowd.

It includes 48 actionable steps from how to start building your engine to how to fine-tune each element to get it running faster and better.

A group of professionals standing together

an engine of many parts

'The Difference Engine: An Articulate Marketing Guide' is much like the original Difference Engine, the computing machine originated by Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace. (No, you don't need to get the reference to read the book.)

It is comprised of components that interlock and impact one another - all vital parts of the marketing machine.

The Difference Engine

1. Your Mission

Goals, strategies and metrics for successful differentiation.


2. Talent and Culture

How your people and processes help you stand out.


3. The Toolkit

The marketing and sales technologies you need.


4. Strategic Blueprints

Key foundations for your strategic positioning.


5. Brand Architecture

How to integrate visual assets with your brand.


6. Thought Leadership

Content that inspires and establishes your authority.


7. Lead Generation

How to get quality leads into your business.


8. Iterative Optimisation

Testing and discovering opportunities for marginal gains.

About the authors

Articulate Marketing is a multi-award-winning inbound marketing agency based in the UK. We offer strategic marketing, content and website services for B2B technology clients. Plus, we’re a HubSpot Diamond Partner and a certified B Corp.

Differentiation is at the heart of what we do. We help companies whose engines are misfiring, just won't start or go clunk when you get to the marketing motorway.

As part of our mission, we decided to pool our resources and write this book, which represents decades of marketing know-how, conveyed with our customary flair.

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