Demystifying forecasting and lead scoring with HubSpot

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 Get access to this on-demand webinar, hosted by Articulate's CEO Matthew Stibbe. Over one hour, find out how to do lead organisation, prioritisation and scoring with HubSpot. And, get expert advice on using properties and data for forecasting. Use this information to build an accurate pipeline of deals so you can grow your business.
This webinar was originally produced in partnership with HubSpot. As a Diamond HubSpot partner we onboard and optimise HubSpot portals at all tiers for clients. This webinar is suitable for anyone considering HubSpot's marketing and sales tools, or for those who want to learn how to make the most of the platform.
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About the webinar


How HubSpot collects contact data

Forecasting requires data, and HubSpot is an excellent tool for managing contact data. Find out how data is organised in HubSpot, and how that translates to the forecasting process.


Lead scoring - a step by step guide

In this webinar, discover how both manual and automated lead scoring works in HubSpot, how it can be used to inform your sales process and what criteria to include. 


Integrations to accelerate sales

As well as looking at forecasting and lead scoring, we reveal several of the HubSpot-friendly integrations and tools we use to optimise our sales process.

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