Articulate marketing - a marketer planning their content strategy using a calendar

Discover these essential tips for creating a content campaign strategy

63 percent of businesses don't have a concrete content strategy.

What you'll learn:

- How to set marketing goals and use them to strategise

- Why buyer personas are a must

- How to create an editorial calendar 

- The essential content planning tools

- When and how to set and review KPIs

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Articulate marketing - a marketer and Arty planning a content strategy together

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Random acts of marketing won't grow your traffic or your conversion rate. A goal-driven content strategy coordinates your content efforts for maximum effect.

Articulate marketing - Arty helping someone up a hill to find the content they need

Plan for the customers you want 

Write content that your target buyer wants to read, and that content will boost your traffic. Plan and deliver valuable content, consistently.

Articulate marketing - two marketers reviewing the results of their content strategy

Don't 'set and forget'

Learning how to choose and review the right KPIs is an essential part of the content strategy equation. Get it right, and you can improve your strategy based on cold, hard metrics.

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