Writing tools: iPhone plug-in microphone

I have recorded a few interviews recently using my iPhone and its built-in voice memo application. I sent them away for transcription (I’ve found a couple of ways of getting this done online for about $30-60/hour of recording) but the quality wasn’t that great for the typist. However, I think I’ve found the answer: the Exeze MM1 Mini Microphone. It plugs into the headphone socket and it increases the sensitivity of the recording significantly. In tests, I can actually see the sound level needle flicker up and down, which it did not do with the built-in mic. It’s very portable and easy to use – just plug it in. Highly recommended for just under £6.


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3 Responses to Writing tools: iPhone plug-in microphone

  1. Interesting! Very cheap. I was almost thinking I’d need to hear some samples but for £6, who cares? 🙂 That said, I was listening to some stuff I recorded on my iPhone a while back and I was blown away by the sound quality it gave for regular talking.. it was streets ahead of a regular Mac’s microphone and not a million miles away from my Blue Snowball.

  2. Can’t reply to you on Twitter as it’s down at the moment, but I bought one of these and it’s certainly an improvement in the level! The sound quality is just “different” and I can’t judge that, but for getting a good sound level without pushing the phone in someone’s face.. it should be a winner.

    I don’t understand the reviewer who says it’s good for Skype though. I don’t think you can get sound out of the normal speaker while this is plugged in.. at least, it didn’t seem to work for me. I should restart and try again, I guess.


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