When writing PR for an anti-spam firm, don’t spam

Picked this up on Slashdot: Paul McNamara expresses the irritation felt by journalists everywhere when PR firms send out indiscriminate press releases:

This isn’t exactly brain surgery, yet the fellow at a PR agency called Rocket Science managed to violate Rule #1 while attempting to drum up publicity for Singlefin, which provides e-mail, IM and Web filtering services to the likes of Juno and NetZero.

Rather than direct the request to the appropriate individual or individuals here — oh, say our spam and security beat writers — the Rocket Science rep lit up the inboxes of 11 different Network World staffers, not to mention at least three individuals who no longer work here.

For more examples of PR madness, from my blog see:

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5 Responses to When writing PR for an anti-spam firm, don’t spam

  1. Aha, but I bet a lot more people have heard about Singlefin now. All that coverage on Slashdot and now here? I’ll bet those media coverage scores will feature fairly highly on the inept PR exec’s CV as they find themselves unwittingly re-entering the job market this morning 😉

  2. This seems to be one of the worst problems doesn’t it?

    I think the worst thing about it is the company is always named as well. Many companies have had dirt thrown on them because the PR department f’ed up.

    Doing the research first seems to be the best way to go.

  3. Paul McNamara says:

    Thanks for the link. … There’s more to this story. We kinda-sorta kissed and made up.



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