Writing tools: Skitch for screenshots

Screenshot from TurbineHQ.com captured using Skitch

For the longest time, I’ve been using the ‘Send to OneNote’ tool for making screenshots (it’s part of Microsoft OneNote). OneNote’s great but it’s a bit fiddly because it copies the screenshot to the clipboard and so I have to paste it somewhere before I can save it.

Now, I’ve discovered Skitch from the folk who make Evernote. It does some really cool things, as you can see from the screenshot I took of our Turbine application. Skitch is going to make my life easier in 2014:

  • Multi-platform. It works on Mac and PC – just one thing to learn on both my computers. Also available on iPhone and iPad.
  • The tools for the job. It’s easy to edit pictures, for example cropping or adding boxes, highlighting, arrows and more.
  • Pixel blur. There’s even a little tool to pixelate sensitive information in screenshots.
  • Save anywhere, fast. When you’re done editing, you can just drag and drop the file to other applications or to your hard disk.
  • Well-connected. You can also share it on social media site or upload it to Evernote with a single click.

One interesting observation: it’s shy. It hides its own interface when taking a screenshot which means that it is very hard to actually take a screenshot of Skitch itself.

It’s not a full-blown graphics editor but it’s much, much more efficient for routine screenshots than anything I’ve used before. Highly recommended.

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2 Responses to Writing tools: Skitch for screenshots

  1. Akshay says:

    Hi Matthew,

    I think Skitch, has got more popularity due to the fact that it is from Evernote. I prefer an app called GreenShot, which is open-source and loaded with tons of features.

    Good write-up.



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