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White Papers iconLonger content is the foundation of any content marketing strategy. Use our ebooks, reports and white papers for lead generation. Gain credibility and authority to shape the market and enhance your brand.

We specialise in long-form content. This can range from a 2,000-word single-topic or product-focused, informative white paper, right through to a 10,000-word industry-wide report.

We use meticulous research, extended interviews and project management to keep you informed on progress and help us produce fully-sourced, in-depth copy.

How we work

  • Develop a brief, including relevant in-house sources and links to key data
  • For longer projects we can consult on developing a direction and set of key-messaging that will guide the development and tone of the document
  • For longer projects we can also work with you to develop a progress calendar, with deadlines for important milestones and timeframes for formatting copy with your graphic designers or web teams
  • Where appropriate we can produce a detailed outline for review before creating final copy
  • Develop a feedback methodology for projects involving multiple stakeholders
  • Arrange and conduct relevant in-house and external subject-matter expert interviews
  • Collate and assimilate all data to produce the piece
  • Complete one to three rounds of feedback, depending on the complexity of the piece

Business benefits

  • Get more value from both in-house and publicly available data
  • Provide vital, clear information on industry trends, threats and changes
  • Establish yourself as a credible and authoritative source for customers and peers
  • Help potential customers contextualise and understand the problems that your products or services solve


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