Recommended links 24 April 2009

  • Email Etiquette 101. How to use BCC so you don’t send everyone’s email address to everyone else. Great video on YouTube that shows how to do it in different email programs.
  • Internet safety 101. The Get Safe Online blog has some great videos that teach the basics of internet safety – how to avoid rip-offs, protecting your PC, safeguarding your online identity.
  • Emails that people actually read. David Silverman has written an interesting post on the Harvard Business Review blog about writing an email that actually gets read.
  • Be a better writer. Cathy Curtis has a nice article on AIGA which reiterates the lessons we’ve learned about writing for the internet: How the web made me a better copywriter.
  • Fix your website. If you have a blog or a website, check this article out: 15 essential checks before launching your website. All of this stuff is easy to overlook and (mostly) easy to check. And yes, I know, the favicon for has disappeared.  Do as I say, not as I do!
  • Typography 101. 25 years ago, the only people who knew about typography were designers, printers and, well, typography. Now a printer is a thing not a person and we’re all typographers. Check out this excellent article, which should be mandatory reading for anyone who uses a word processor, website or email: 8 simple ways to improve typography in your designs.
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2 Responses to Recommended links 24 April 2009

  1. dysfunctor says:

    Great list. Thanks!

    I especially liked the article about copywriting–it’s great to have an expert affirm many of my own beliefs and habits.

    On the other hand, that todo list for launching a website is kinda’ daunting. What happened to “democratising publishing”?

    • The checklist is only doing for websites what the copywriting article is doing for words. But yes, it could appear daunting. It’s easy to concentrate on the cool stuff like getting a site built and then defer action on the less-glamorous but equally important work of making the site accessible, compliant, searchable etc. etc. Having said that, I’m sure that it is the counsel of perfection.

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