More tips on ‘How to concentrate on writing’

My post ‘How to concentrate on writing’ generated a ton of comments. It was wonderful to read through them all. Here are a few of my favourites (with links if the commenters gave them):

  • “Start in the middle…or the end…then back and fill … And trust (this is important) that the rest will fall gracefully into place.” from Nancy Friedman / Away with words.
  • “The dark, the silence, no-one to distract you. all good arguments on working close to midnight.” I still prefer mornings but thanks to JCN for that.
  • “If you’re on a Mac, Write Room is a new, “distraction-free” word processor. It’s kind of light-weight, but I think that’s the point. It’s quite elegant, and if they had a screenplay template, it’d be perfect.” from El Diablo De Verde. This program was mentioned by several others.
  • Heavy metal, trance/dance and Chopin all made appearances.
  • “Disconnect entirely from the Internet” from Keith Neo.
  • “I found that having a television in the same room, whether it’s on or off, is going to cause problems too.” from Michael.
  • “For me the trick is to start early and have a sleep in the middle of the day.” from Garreth Powell. (Churchill was a great advocate of midday naps.)
  • Another great one from Garreth Powell: “Tell your partner that if you are stopped for any reason death will ensue. It takes me about twenty minutes to seriously be in writing mode. Someone asking me ‘just’ to put out the garbage loses me forty minutes of high speed writing. And puts me in a rage. This is not clearly understood by non-writers.”
  • “I write long pieces of text in notepad. No Formatting of anykind, just to get the words out.” From The Negotiant.
  • Jaffa Cakes. Nice one, Craig. Cigarettes are also popular bribes.
  • “I’ve also been helped by scheduling specific time to write” by Brent Newhall.
  • “If I’m feeling reluctant, I take the path of least resistance by starting with a little editing on yesterday’s writing. This is like a singer warming up on scales. Within 10 minutes, I’m usually warmed up, fully engaged, and ready to roll.” By Mark.
  • “I use the 15-5-3 method.” Work for 15 minutes, take five-minute break and repeat three times an hour. From Aspiring Spirit.
  • “I find that it’s helpful to actually get up and get the blood flowing: take a brisk walk, do a few sets of pushups, etc.” Jonathan Shaw / Fixing Foibles and Follies.
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3 Responses to More tips on ‘How to concentrate on writing’

  1. Keith says:

    Happen to surf by, great to see mine is one of the many in your favourite list. Thanks!!

  2. Louis says:

    Plan your re-entry into the document. Leave a simple task that does not require thinking. After a break, this task is usually enough to find the previous train of thought. This running start avoids a confrontation with the highly demanding “instant creativity”.


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