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Tools like Moz, Ahrefs and Sitebulb help you find broken links, bloated images, missing alt tags, overlong page titles etc. But fixing them in HubSpot means hours of repetitive clicking.


If, like us, you’ve ever migrated an old website to HubSpot or updated the page titles on 500 blog posts or fixed 150 broken links or resized dozens of images to reduce page weight you’ll know exactly why the world needs HubToolkit.

HubToolkit does the work, so you don't have to

Meta descriptions

Update page titles and descriptions with one click

Make sure every page on your site has an accurate, optimised page title and description. Check for missing or overlong page and post titles and meta descriptions. Rewrite them. Update with one click.

Broken links

Find and fix broken links, update redirected links

Optimise your internal link strategy and fix broken or redirected links. Check every link in your pages and posts. Are they being redirected? Cut out the hop and add the direct link. Are they broken? Update them instantly.

Image compression

Resize and compress image files

Optimise your page load speed and mobile experience. Put fat pages on a diet. Find big image files in posts and pages, compress them with a couple of clicks.

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