My surreal life

I’ve been working flat out on copy for a client about computers and education. It’s amazing how much things have changed since I was school. And in saying that I realise that I am now, officially, old.

I’m sitting in the garden at home watching a flock of parrots (is ‘flock’ the right collective noun. If not, can I suggest a ‘gaudy’ of parrots or perhaps a ‘screech’?)  What are parrots doing in Chiswick?  Escaping from their owners, I suppose.  Just like I escaped from the office.

Should I be embarrassed about welcoming business visitors to my home? It’s where I work, after all and it’s much easier for me to meet them here than somewhere else.  Perhaps it comes as a shock to people to find someone working from home.  Even if they create content there for multinational companies and the government.

Janis Joplin invited everyone to visit her once.  "Come to California, I’ll buy you a beer," she said.  Well, in my case, it’s more like "Come to my home, I’ll put the kettle on."

An acquaintance offered me a 1/16th share in a Cessna Mustang today.  This is the plane I would fly if I was rich.  Alas, my share of the maintenance costs alone exceed my mortgage payments.  I wonder if my wife would mind if I sold the house and we moved into a six-place business jet?  Probably.

I think I need to get my European commercial pilot’s licence (I already have an FAA CPL/IR) and do the Mustang type rating and then people can pay me to fly them.  I can write at airports while I’m waiting for my passengers. I’m not sure where I would meet business visitors though.  "Come to Cannes," I could say nonchalantly, "I’m flying there on Wednesday."  Perhaps that’s what the parrots say.

PS Apparently it is a company, flock, pandemonium or prattle of parrots. (Thanks for the link, John.)

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One Response to My surreal life

  1. I think it’s a ‘company of parrots’ that you’re watching. Although a ‘screech’ gets my vote!

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