How to manage multi-author WordPress blogs with Edit Flow

If you have a WordPress blog and you have more than one contributor, you *need* Edit Flow. It’s freaking awesome. Just look at these screenshots!

Calendar view

You get a calendar where you can drag and drop posts to schedule them for publication.


Edit status

You can set and change status in the editorial work flow, e.g. pending review. You can define your own terms to match your own working practices.


And you can see the status in the posts list


Editorial comments

This is where you bark sarcastic comments and urgent instructions for your minions. This information appears underneath the text and other boxes in the edit post page.

On the edit post page, underneath the actual text and other boxes, you can decide who needs to be involved in a given post.


Add editor stuff

Write assignments, add pre-publication checklists and deadlines. If you’re managing a multi-author blog, this is a great feature. This information appears on the edit post page on the right hand side. All these fields are user-definable.


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