Copyediting Tea Party protest signs

Thank you Christian Science Monitor and a friendly reader for making my day with these wonderful protest signs. I can really understand why Sarah Palin appeals to these people so much (and vice versa). Here are a few choice examples:

Badly spelled Tea Party sign

Fox News readers

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4 Responses to Copyediting Tea Party protest signs

  1. Here’s a scary thing. I typed infromed into Google – in case it was some old English word with a witty meaning. It isn’t. But there are 11,400 Google entries. At some point usage must turn misspelled words into real ones. Do you think 11,400 examples is enough?
    .-= Bill Bennett´s last blog ..Zettabytes: most of it is still rubbish =-.

  2. Einat Adar says:

    My favourite is the first.
    It’s a wordplay only the words are not right.

  3. Julio says:

    Wow, it’s not like you have to search too hard to find tea part signs with mispelled words. I just check the tea party wikipedia entry and —just like Steve Jobs would say— boom!:

    Probably work of anti tea party —if that exists— movement 🙂

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