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A recipe for disaster: 4 research sources to avoid in your writing

Strong research is the backbone of strong copy. Without it, there is nothing anchoring your words to the truth. But not all sources are created equal....

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Speaking human: 12 best examples of copywriting in tech

Copywriting has always been about communicating with people. But online, your customers get to choose who they listen to.

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Get to the point! Avoid these words and keep readers happy

It's not easy to keep readers happy, especially since we all react to words and phrases differently. There are words that can create beautiful images ...

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How to spot sucky writing from 50 paces

You don’t have to be the David Attenborough of writing to be able to spot sucky writing lurking in the undergrowth. Once you know what makes bad writi...

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American English vs British English: what should your company use?

'England and America are two countries divided by a common language,' - George Bernard Shaw.

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Tools for writing: 3 mobile dictation apps that save writers time

People are more motor-mouthed than nimble-fingered. In fact, we speak three times faster than we type. Dictaphones and similar tools for writing are a...

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What is a story? Storytelling and PR tips for writers and businesses

The media work with stories. Human brains are wired for stories. But what is a story?

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Trademark guidelines make for unclear, hard to read copy

In many big companies, intellectual property protection - trademark guidelines - drive product naming. At Articulate, we've worked on some projects wi...

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Stop speaking Corporatese: 10 buzzwords to remove from your vocabulary

Hating on buzzwords is something of a tradition here on Bad Language. We’ve already compiled the Devil’s Marketing Dictionary and put the spotlight on...