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Organised, but not flexible: review of Quip

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Quip screenshot

Quip is an online collaboration tool created by some top names. I tried the free version and the iPhone app, and this is my report.

What I liked

  • The organisation of this app matches my personal organisational style. It allowed me to compartmentalise each part of my life into a folder and make lists in documents.
  • You can add different people to different folders and leave others private.
  • I appreciate the clean design. I hate using the notes app on my iPhone because of the Marker Felt font and wide-ruled design. This is a good alternative.
  • The app translated well to my phone. Documents looked the same and were just as simple to edit.
  • I can focus on the task because of the limited formatting options.
  • Changes are live. What I do on my computer is instantly on my phone. If another person makes changes, I receive notifications.

What bothered me

  • This may not be an issue for everyone, but the app can’t count words.
  • The documents can’t save as editable files. They print or become PDFs.
  • The formatting was messed up in the transfer to Word and I spent a lot of time working to correct it.

The verdict on Quip

The issues in using this app for collaboration lies in the inability to transfer a file between programs and low capacity of the word processor and those are major issues which don’t allow me to use this app for professional purposes.

I think this is great for personal organisational use and I plan to keep using it for that purpose. But business-wise, you probably need something a little more sophisticated.