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5 fun things for writers to geek out over

Writers draw the short straw when it comes to ‘tools of the trade’ or ‘perks of the job.’

Unlike designers or engineers, we don’t have mounds of gadgets over which we can geek and obsess. There’s only so many times one can get excited about a pen or a new word processing app.

But fortunately for us the internet has provided. We now have games, apps and gadgets of our own!

So if you’re 'Someone Who Writes', check out these five fun things for writers to geek out over. It can’t be all work and no play, right?

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1. Story wars

5 fun things for writers to geek out over: the Storywars logo on a pink background
Image courtesy of Story Wars.

Story Wars is a place to discover and contribute to collaborative writing projects. It’s like a Choose your Own Adventure, but this time you get to write your own ending.

2. Inkshares 2.0

5 fun things for writers to geek out over: a screen shot of the Inkshares website
Image courtesy of Inkshares.

Inkshares is a ‘crowdfunded publishing’ platform and a self-described ‘ecosystem’ that connects authors to readers.

The idea is simple: you sketch out an idea for a book, describe it in 20 words or less, and upload a draft chapter. The community shares feedback and tips, and if you’re feeling confident you can even run a pre-order campaign.

3. Elegy for a Dead World

5 fun things for writers to geek out over: a screenshot from Elegy for a Dead World showing a writing prompt
Image courtesy of Dejobaan Games.

In a nutshell, Elegy is a side-scrolling adventure game about prose fiction writing. It might just be the greatest thing ever.

The context: you’re the sole survivor of a team of intergalactic explorers sent by Earth to seek out the great unknown. You travel to distant galaxies and explore new worlds inspired by the works of Shelley, Byron and Keats. Then you write about them.

The game helps you build a narrative with a series of writing prompts and questions. You write short stories, songs and even poems, which you can share with other players at the end.

4. Storybird

5 fun things for writers to geek out over: a Storybird artwork showing two people sailing on a leaf propelled by balloons
Image courtesy of Storybird.

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at writing an illustrated novel but never got around to it (or didn’t know where to start) now is your chance.

Storybird lets you build books in minutes, using your writing and their artwork. It’s marvelously fun and easy to use, and has global community of writers and readers with whom you can share and discover stories.

5. I write like 

5 fun things for writers to geek out over: a screenshot from IWriteLike showing the user's result - H.P. Lovecraft
Image courtesy of I Write Like.

This is a fun tool that analyses a sample of your writing (focusing on keywords, vocabulary and syntax) and tells you which popular writer you ‘resemble’ most.

Think of yourself as a Poe reincarnate? Think again. You might find you’re more of a Cory Doctorow or a H.P. Lovecraft.

There’s no shortage of fun things for writers to geek out over. Where there is Wi-Fi, there is hope. Give these a go and let us know if you discover others.

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