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Readability formula

Readability analysis for writers

When you write, you’re working for the reader. Not your boss and not yourself. This is why readability metrics can be helpful. They are a tool to get past your ego and management pressure to write badly. This article explains how they work and gives useful links to readability tools for Word, WordPress, Google, website […]

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Real-world A/B testing proves that shorter copy converts better

I discovered Google Content Experiments a couple of weeks ago. If, like me, you’re already using Google Analytics and tracking conversion rates, it’s incredibly easy to set up A/B tests. Hypothesis I wanted to test a common hypothesis about short copy. For example, Jakob Nielsen’s research says that visitors read about 20% of the text on […]

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40 essential online apps for freelancers

Online applications give me a competitive edge. I want to be a ‘big little company’ with the same (or better) IT capabilities as the biggest of my clients. I try to make the maximum use of online applications because they let me deploy new capabilities quickly without adding to my IT or admin burdens. This […]

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New blog features – popular posts, comment love

There are more than 600 posts on this site and hundreds of comments. I’d like to build on this so I’ve added some new features to Bad Language: A Popular Posts page that shows the top five posts in each  category. It updates automatically, to reflect the latest visitor stats. Improved social bookmarking. If you […]

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