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11 things to do at the start of a new (business) relationship

The last week has seen the beginning of a coalition government in the UK. For me personally, it has seen the start of two new client relationships and the renewal of an older one. It seems like a good time to think about what makes relationships work and how to ensure that each marriage is […]

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Herding clients? Get a good contract.

I wrote a post two months back about when writers become lawyers. Sometimes writers are from Mars and clients are from Venus and we need some structure to the relationship. John McGarvey has produced a really nice plain English contract for copywriting. I do things a bit differently but we share the same objectives: Reducing […]

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When writers become lawyers – how to agree terms with a client

Every freelance writer has a story about the project from hell. Mine involves writing a 7,000-word in-house magazine in a month. By the third issue, thanks to unreasonableness from the client, it was 14,000 words in ten days. For the same money. There wasn’t a fourth issue. So how do you avoid situations where the […]

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