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Naming companies, products and services is hard. Really hard! These articles will help you with first-hand experience and valuable lessons from the real world.

Bin man or Environmental Maintenance Officer?

You do what? Job title inflation up 27%

I have written about inflationary job titles and inflationary language before but it just gets worse and worse. And perhaps I’m sitting in a glass house throwing stones because I call myself CEO and Writer-in-chief but now the BBC has given us a delightful list of ridiculous titles, including: Director of first impressions (= Receptionist) Environmental […]

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What name should I use for my business?

Dear Uncle Matthew, I notice you trade under Articulate Marketing – and what a great name that is, by the way – rather than Matthew Stibbe. Just wondering what you think the pros and cons are. I imagine that the Stibbe brand was well known when you left journalism, so you must have been sacrificing […]

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Scientifically proven marketing

A well placed scientific fact or useful statistic can make a huge difference to the credibility of your marketing. My pet hate is bad science in writing – especially marketing that masquerades as science. One of the worst offenders are the moisturising creams that fall under the broad heading of ‘cosmeceuticals’. Cosmeceutical is a marketing […]

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What’s in a name? Is it whiskey or whisky?

My other blog,, is a free online magazine and airport guide for pilots. I worked long and hard to come up with the name. It replaced earlier sites of mine, including (which sort of worked but I didn’t have the .com domain name) and (which was supposed to be a magazine but […]

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How to name your space station

NASA ran into problems with a public competition to name a new module on the International Space Station. It offered website visitors a shortlist of names to choose between but allowed them to write in their own choices. According to, comedian Stephen Colbert encouraged viewers to write in his own name. When voting ended […]

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